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Intuitive Gathering Groveland – “Your Wisdom is Within!”

August 26, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm UTC+0

GROVELAND Intuitive Gathering  ~ Monday August 26

Your Wisdom is Within! 

Often we look outside ourselves for answers in life – to make decisions, find solutions, etc.   In this Gathering we will explore ways to access your OWN Inner Wisdom, instead of looking for answers from others.  This can be a very empowering experience!

Maureen will tap into your “Higher Self” to uncover what may be blocking your access to your own wisdom.

Your Higher Self is that inner, wise part of your consciousness that has access to your intuition and a broader perspective of your life.

Our Higher Selves are always there to guide us, but often things get in the way of recognizing our inner guidance – Such as family and social conditioning, limiting beliefs, other people’s opinions and yes, sometimes, our reason and logic!

Maureen’s intuitive gift enables her to help you access your inner guidance.  This is very different from a Psychic reading, as it is not about predictions, but simply clear, true guidance.

You will recognize the “rightness” of this guidance as it seems to just “feel true.”  It overrides our impatience, insecurities, doubts and fears.  It points us in a direction that assists us in integrity with ourselves, allows a sense of clarity and perspective.

The Intuitive Guidance you receive from Maureen is what you are most ready to hear.  It assists you in moving to a more empowered place in your life.

Maureen’s Intuitive Gatherings are a place where anyone in the group is free to ask questions on any area of their life.  In these Gatherings, it is the collective Higher Selves that are the source of the information, so many people leave feeling that they received what they needed, even if they didn’t ask a question (a least out loud!)

Also near the end of these Gatherings, Maureen offers an Energy Transmission.  This is a brief (but potent) individual energy blessing that helps you to have easier access to your Inner Guidance.

Depending on the people present, and the mix of the group, the information that comes through is usually uplifting, inspiring and often entertaining!

COST:    just $20 at the door


August 26, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Maureen Pua’ena O’Shaughnessy


Groveland, CA
95321 + Google Map