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The Power of Superstition and Belief – Intuitive Gathering – Honolulu

March 13 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm HST

“Is Friday the 13th Unlucky?”

The Power of Superstition and Belief

Do you believe that Friday the 13th is unlucky?  I actually believe it is a “lucky” day for me 🙂

What Superstitions do you have?

An example of a simple superstition could be that perhaps you have a “lucky shirt” and when you wear it, it brings you luck!  Maybe you wear it to a job interview, and you get hired.  That reinforces the belief that it really works!  Was it the shirt?  Or was it your belief?

You may have heard the phrases, “To Think is To Create” or “Energy Flows where Our Attention Goes” or “Thoughts Become Things”…  These statements tell us that what we focus upon and believe, we create or manifest in our lives (i.e. Law of Attraction.)

What about the Placebo Effect?  There are many credible studies showing that when people are given ‘sugar pills’ instead of a drug or medicine get similar results as people given the actual medicine and more!

We will explore this connection between Superstition and Belief and find ways to make use of the Power of Belief!

AND, as usual, you will be free to ask any questions on any topic during our Gathering.

Maureen will use her Intuitive ability to access your Higher Self – and provide some clarity and insight to identify useful (or not so useful!) Beliefs for each of you…

Maureen’s intuitive gift enables her to help you access your inner guidance. This is very different from a Psychic reading, as it is not about predictions, but simply clear, true guidance.

You will recognize the “rightness” of this guidance as it seems to just “feel true.” It overrides our impatience, insecurities, doubts and fears. It points us in a direction that assists us in integrity with ourselves, allows a sense of clarity and perspective.

The Intuitive Guidance you receive from Maureen is what you are most ready to hear. It assists you in moving to a more empowered place in your life.

Maureen’s Intuitive Gatherings are a place where anyone in the group is free to ask questions on any area of their life. In these Gatherings, it is the collective Higher Selves that are the source of the information, so many people leave feeling that they received what they needed, even if they didn’t ask a question (a least out loud!)

Also near the end of these Gatherings, Maureen offers an Energy Transmission.  This is a brief (but potent) individual energy blessing that helps you to have easier access to your Inner Guidance.

Depending on the people present, and the mix of the group, the information that comes through is usually uplifting, inspiring and often entertaining!

COST:    just $20 at the door

Please RSVP to Maureen@MaureenHawaii.com



March 13
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Maureen Pua’ena O’Shaughnessy


The Gallery on the Pali
2500 Pali Hwy.
Honolulu, HI 96817 United States
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